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My name is and I'm the creator and funder of Tarot Vignettes, initially as a Facebook Entertainment Website. It was a very active Facebook page from its inception on September 10, 2013, until its abrupt end in Facebook on December 5, 2015.

Tarot Vignettes was a landmark event in the way of understanding the Tarot. Many things were done and were seen for the first time in Tarot Vignettes, from the Tarot singing the «Imagine» song, published on November, 2013, to the first relationship between Shakespeare and the Tarot with the publication of the soliloquy «To be or not to be» with 40 arcana on May 13, 2014.

More than 5000 people around the world were an active part of Tarot Vignettes on Facebook with their "likes", "shares" and "comments".

Tarot Vignettes addresses as many topics as possible, and some of them are controversial and provocative, so humor is often used to manage the thorniest issues. Cleverness, sense of humor and an open mind are usually three prerequisites needed to understand Tarot Vignettes.


In Tarot Vignettes, the happiness and the sadness, the sanity and the madness, and the real and the imaginary, are mixed sometimes in a very difficult way to distinguish. I myself must be considered here as a fictional character in a real world or as a real character in a fictional world.

Any resemblance to reality is not purely coincidental, it's intentional. Here you are the DISCLAIMER vignette.

If you are not an adult or if you are a too sensitive adult, you must abandon this site right now. If you are an adult and you decide to take a look to Tarot Vignettes, any reading of the content of this site is entirely at your own decision.

There are more than 350 Tarot Vignettes in the Archived History of Tarot Vignettes. Here you are some samples.

How to Browse the Archive of Tarot Vignettes

Tarot Vignettes began as a Theater Play in 2013, and you can start reading from the First Vignette and then follow the NEXT links to explore the Archived History of Tarot Vignettes in a chronological order. You can also go forward or backward through the navigation buttons on the top of the every page.

In any case, the vignettes at full size are displayed by clicking on the preview of each vignette.

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There's a huge amount of work in Tarot Vignettes and there are share buttons on each vignette for sharing the content on Facebook  Google+ and Twitter in the right way. Download, copy, modify, translate or reproduce any content created by www.tarotvignettes.com in any form or by any other means without prior permission is not the right way.

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